Rates and Reservations

Nightly rates:

Standard site $40 ($35 + taxes and fees)

Premium site $45 ($40 + taxes and fees)

Weekly rates:

Premium site: $225 ($200 + taxes and fees)

If you are traveling for work, discounted weekly rates may be available. Work contract or other proof of employment may be required.

Monthly rates:

Monthly sites are limited, and available from September through mid-May. There is a non refundable $25 application and processing fee. Monthly rates vary depending on the site from $425-$500. Please read our site standards and guidelines before calling.

What makes a site premium or standard?

Premium sites are 40ft wide, usually shaded by our huge sycamore trees. Standard sites are 25ft wide, and are intended for stays of just a night or two. All sites have 30amp service and full hookups. Most sites have 50amp service.